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Why Commission a Master Oil Painting?



"I welcome opportunities to create commissioned artwork for individuals, groups, or professional organizations. My goal in accepting commissions is for the process to be both gratifying for me as an artist and pleasurable for those who have chosen to integrate my art into their living or working environment. I price my work using a formula that factors in the dimensions of the work, the costliness of the materials to be used, and the labor-intensity of the techniques and processes that will be employed in creating the work. Please note that an up-front design fee is charged for all projects. When a client chooses to move forward with the design, the full amount of the design fee is applied toward the cost of the project; should a client choose not to move forward with the design after receiving an initial drawing, the design fee is retained as compensation for my time in developing the design concept. In addition, once a design has been agreed upon, I will require a materials fee before production begins. Should a client refuse the finished artwork, the materials fee is retained to cover the cost of materials and time spent creating the artwork. I hope we can work together to create something beautiful for your home or office. So please allow possibilities full of ideas, new concepts, and new ideologies.


Thank you for your interest in my artwork."  

Sincerely, Cirius

To commission illustrations or fine art contact Cirius directly at
























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Masters Fine Oil Painting Toronto

Create a unique piece based on your idea!


In fine art, the term ‘Old Master’ traditionally refers to great European painters practicing during the period roughly 1300-1830.  A modern artist can never be categorized as an ‘Old Master’ but by using traditional oil painting methods we can duplicate how the Masters painted. If you are a lover of art or one who frequently visits art museums you’ll know that oil painting has a long and rich history. Between the high cost of oil paints, the consuming time it takes to create a piece and the high quality of painting that oil creates, it’s easy to see why oil comes with a more prestige title than other mediums.Oil paintings are higher in price because they are created by a skilled and experienced artist.

All paintings are Limited Edition and limited to 1/1- each painting receives a Certificate of Authenticity and artist signature. Sizes of original paintings vary and all oil paints are of top professional quality from brands: Gamblin,Rublev and Old Holland (highest quality pigments and triple milled for smooth texture).

All paintings are painted on pre-primed linen (fabric is single primed, extra fine, heavyweight 100% Belgium linen and its woven to the highest standards with a uniform weave).



*All paintings come rolled in a sturdy tuber package and shipped using priority mail with a tracking number*

*Shipping is always FREE* 

*please contact me for different size options*

*Please note that a $120 up-front design fee is charged for all projects. When a client chooses to move forward with the design, the full amount is applied toward the cost of the project: should a client choose not to move forward with the design after receiving a designed sketch, the design fee is retained as compensation for our time in developing the design concept. 

For Payment Policy and Agreement click here,!signing-a-contractual-agreement-artist/c18eb
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