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CIRIUS is a fine artist, artistic director + concept creator.  

As a concept creator which includes: fine arts, digital painting, progress painting videos, cinematography + film (all produced + edited by Cirius), her mission is to help preserve the vanishing faculty of forming traditional ideas with new innovative ones. She has always had a fascination with artistic imagery and immersed herself into the art world after attending Fashion Design and Arts school in Toronto. When she discovered digital art and cinematography, her interest soared as this new medium allowed for incredible freedom and experimentation.

Her works are entirely conceptual art; fusing many ideas into a cohesive whole.


Cirius explores the lives of master artists, composers, musicians, philosophers and visionaries to continually sustain inspiration. Her work is inspired/influenced by history and the future; capturing an image that induces beauty of emotions. She wishes to preserve moments in time for future reflection. Her travelling to Europe is also a large part of an ongoing art education.

Cirius commissions work from around the world, she has been featured in magazines, on books and album covers.

 “Creating for me is an outlet of expression; I imagine, I create, I evolve.”

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