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How does the process begin?


Everything begins with a friendly and open conversation. You are under no obligation to buy anything or sign anything during an initial conversation. The purpose is to discuss our expectations and hopefully agree to move forward with a commissioned artwork. Once we agree on a general size and theme, we can begin to outline the price and a timeframe for work to be completed.



First Step:


A sketched design will be presented to you; here your input is immensely important as any changes of the sketch will be difficult beyond this stage and time consuming. Once I have your approval I can begin finalizing the design.



How do you determine the price?


The final price can be estimated by the finished size. As a general rule, I charge $7.00 per square inch for commissioned artwork. For example, a composition measuring 10’x10’ (100 square inches) will cost $700. My work is done with great detail and high expectations as I expect something closest to perfection.

A famous artist quoted once “have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it”-Salvatore Dali



 How long does it take to finish?


The time it takes to complete a composition varies depending on the size and complexity of the design. As a general rule, I estimate 1 month per square foot. For example, a finished piece measuring 15” x20” is roughly 2 square feet, therefore it would take approximately 2 months to complete. Deadlines and delivery dates can be negotiated. The final selling price may be increased for rush deliveries. The delivery date will be determined once both parties agree on the overall design and size of the artwork.



Can you create a design based on a photo?


 Yes, but there are limitations. I cannot create artwork based on a copyrighted photo, licensed design or another artist’s work unless the copyright holder provides written permission. During our initial conversation, we may discuss options or interpretations of photos in order to agree on the best approach. 


Can I choose the colours you will use?


My goal for every design is to create a balanced and beautiful composition with the utilization of high quality paints. I will create an initial drawing and will provide paint colour samples if you like. These are to be used as a guide, so that we can agree on a general color scheme and tone. However, the creative process often has a life of its own. In order to do my best work, I need to have flexibility. I purchase my paints and canvas fabrics from a few trusted sources that I’ve worked with for years. Having consistency and predictability in my materials allows me to focus on the artistic decisions.


Can I see the design before you begin?


Yes. I will provide an initial drawing before production begins on the final artwork. At that point we will have another conversation to make sure our expectations for the project are in line with each other. This is the time to address any concerns or changes in the design.


Can I see the artwork while you are making it?


 I can provide “in progress” photos while working on commissions. But please note that the piece may go through several drafts and variations before I am satisfied with the design, and sometimes the final version is very different than earlier stages. I have found that sharing photos during different stages is confusing to the client and slows down the whole creative process. With every commission, my goal is to meet or exceed the client’s expectations. As the artist, I take the responsibility of the creative process very seriously. 

Ready to hire the artist? 

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